The unfortunate implication of half-orc parentage is the idea that humans and orcs might have sex and produce offspring together. This can take the following forms:

  1. Rape. Rape is a serious topic, and understandably, even implied rape can be hair-raising. The idea of brutal, male orcs raping human women strikes some people as particularly nasty or even misognistic. The reverse, human on orc rape, though seemingly unlikely to some, is a pretty logical supposition. Rape is a commonplace occurence in warfare, particularly low-tech warfare. Further, humans have provided ample evidence they will mate with many varieties of non-human creature.
  1. Orc and human pairings. Some gamers balk at the idea of orc-human unions, but logically, if it is physically possible, it is likely. Both orcs and humans are social creatures, and under the right circumstances, humans and orcs might mate and marry if it suited the interests of the involved parties. Some gamers dislike the idea of orcs having a society capable of interacting with humans peacably, but given the orc capacity for craft and language, it seems like a logical necessity.
  1. Race-species confusion. If humans and orcs can reproduce together, that implies they might be the same species. If they are the same species, then humans and orcs are only distinctive races, which brings up real life racism issues. It is okay to stereotype an imaginary subspecies of humans as unintelligent and evil? Is it okay because they are a subspecies, rather than merely an ethnic distinction? if it is okay, does it encourage people to engage in real life racism? It is worth noting that sometimes, creatures of different species, such as tigers and lions, can mate and produce offspring such as the liger.

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