Trolls are dangerous, inimicable creatures of European folklore. They are often characterized as giants or elf-like creatures. Their name is a variation on trow, the same root word for drow.

Trolls in D&DEdit

Trolls in D&D are swamp-dwelling, green-skinned giants with powerful regenerative powers. They take their inspriation from Poul Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions. They fear fire and acid. Variations include scrags (sea trolls), massive mountain trolls, and magically created war trolls.

Trolls in Middle EarthEdit

Trolls in Tolkien's middle earth are large, brutish creatures with a taste for flesh. They have durable hides, great strength, and fear the sun, which turns them to stone. They tend to be dim-witted. There are a number of varieties described sketchily in his work.

The olog-hai were a superior race of trolls created by Saruman, perhaps by the addition of human or orcish blood. They had scaly hides, black blood, and great intelligence and agility. Worse, they could endure sunlight.

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