• Adventure: A collection of scenes that makes up the games campaign. Normally an adventure takes up 1-2 individual sessions, sometimes more. Most games award experience points after each adventure.


  • Campaign: The entirety of a game using a group of recurring, but not normally permanent (due to character death), player characters. Made up of multiple adventures.
  • Cat Piss Man: A pejorative term for someone with deplorable social skills and personal presentation who accosts others at game stores and conventions, fulfilling the worst stereotypes of the basement-dwelling, sociopathic geek. Origin: anecdote on RPGnet.


  • Grognard: A complainer, especially an adherent of an older game. The term originally referred to veterans of Napoleon's campaigns. The term comes to RPGs by way of the wargame hobby. Opposite of munchkin.





  • System: The core-rules used in a game. The game may, or may not, use a number of source guides and other supplements along with the core-rules to create a more sophisticated or theme fitting game. All none generic supplements must be designed to work with the system used without heavy modifications.