We need new material. The greatest needs, roughly in order are:

  • Encyclopedic information – Much like Wikipedia, RPG Museum aims to develop well-researched articles on RPGs new and old. Because of RPG Museum’s narrow focus, there is not any such thing as a minimum level of notability. It would be great to cover absolutely every RPG in existence. Similarly, any sort of respectable game site or any verifiable information on a blog or publisher site is fair game as a source. For games that are too niche to maintain their own Wikia of minutiae, RPG Museum can function in a similar fashion for RPGs as Wookipedia does for Star Wars and Memory Alpha does for Star Trek.
  • Collaborative journal-style articles – RPG Museum is also looking for balanced and well-researched articles on all sorts of role-playing game topics, written in a somewhat formal (but fun and interesting) style. If you’ve ever visited, you have some idea of the sort of article: medium-length pieces that tie together lots of ideas for the benefit of beginners and experts alike. While not explicitly a how-to site, some articles may take the form of helpful guides.
  • Guides to information – As much as possible, RPG Museum aims to connect people to quality resources, such as RPG-focused web sites, forums, and blogs. The organization of such information is a WIP, but is vital to our mission to keep our content current and user-friendly.

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