A giant is an extraordinarily large humanoid creature, often with eldritch powers. Although frequently depicted as dull-witted, some giants are capable magicians, powerful fighters, or possessed of magical powers.

Types of Giant in MythologyEdit


The Greek Titans were powerful creatures with god-like powers. Most of the Olympian gods were Titans or the children of Titans.


Creatures of Greek legend, who rose up against the Titans.


The hundred-handed, creatures defeated in primordial times by the Titans.


The "wheel-eyed", one-eyed giants of Greek mythology.


Norse giants, the frost giants of Niflheim and the fire giants of Muspelheim.


Giants of Anglo-Irish myth.

Giants in Dungeons & DragonsEdit

The giants in D&D are clasically divided into:

  • Hill Giants
  • Stone Giants
  • Cloud Giants
  • Fire Giants
  • Frost Giants
  • Storm Giants

Creatures such as the troll, ogre, and ettin are also classified as giants.

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