A gargoyle is a grotesque sculpture of a creature used as a decorative rainspout. In role-playing games, the term is often used to refer to a creature that resembles such a figure, combining human, animal, and demonic traits, often with wings and bestial features.

Gargoyles in Dungeons & DragonsEdit

In the original Dungeons & Dragons, gargoyles were a kind of construct. In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and other later editions, they were treated as a kind of magical beast with the power to resemble or become stone.

Gargoyles in Palladium Role-Playing GameEdit

In the Palladium world, gargoyles are a subspecies of demon. Gurgoyles are lesser, flightless gargoyles. More powerful specimens have some talent with magic.

Gargoyles in GURPSEdit

The usual presentation in GURPS Fantasy has been a fairly unintelligent, flying race of humanoids.

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