In Dungeons & Dragons, Demogorgon is the Prince of Demons, ruling through sheer might.

Aspect of Demogorgon

Publication historyEdit

Demogorgon is named for a demon or pagan god invented by an early Christian scholar. He is mentioned in Milton's Paradise Lost as one of the entities in the unformed realm ruled by Chaos or Night through which Satan passes when travelling between Hell and Earth. He is variously depicted as a primordial god of the Greeks, a lord over the faerie, or a demon. The D&D version is original in its presentation, seemingly echoing Milton's vision of a master of darkness and void.

Original Dungeons & DragonsEdit

Demogorgon appeared in the supplement Eldritch Wizardy (1976).

Advanced Dungeons & DragonsEdit


Demogorgon appears in the original Monster Manual (1977) in essentially his classic form. In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Second Edition) he appears in Monster Mythology as a deity.

Dungeons & Dragons (Third Edition)Edit

Demogorgon cover

Demogorgon appears in third edition as a demon lord. He is described in The Book of Vile Darkness as well as Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss.

Dungeons & Dragons (BECMI)Edit

Demogorgon appears in the Immortals Set as a lord of the demons. In the Immortals rules, demons are immortals of the Sphere of Entropy. Although similar to the AD&D presentation, in the Immortals rules, Demogorgon is described as female, and has versatile powers based on her immortal nature.

Appearance and characteristicsEdit

Demonic Lasher

Demogorgon is a huge reptilian being with two mandrill heads. Tentacles serve as arms, and rot flesh with each lashing strike. In The Book of Vile Darkness, Demogorgon was depicted with hyena heads instead of mandrill heads; no other version uses this depiction.

Apart from his incredible physical power, Demogorgon is cunning and unpredictable. He is a master of experimentation and creates many magical items. His chaotic and destructive nature is such that his two heads are always at war, one seeking to eliminate the other being and be liberated, the other being seeking to dominate and unite his warring natures.

Demon PrinceEdit

Demogorgon has a permanent rivalry with Orcus, his second or perhaps equal who lacks his influence over the Abyss. Demogorgon rules over the 88th layer of the Abyss, a land of vast oceans and jungle-covered land masses. His chief subjects are aboleths, Ixitxachitls, and various monstrous cults.

Demogorgon in Popular Culture Edit

Demogorgon got a significant namedrop in Stranger Things.